Five weeks later... where is everyone?
The problem here seems to be not who went and who stayed, but that we're not in touch anymore. I post a picture on Flickr and my (few left) contacts comment, I do the same here and no one adds a line. I loved the exchanging opinions on shots, seeing what everyone else was doing, etc. I found it stimulating. Since the exodus...nothing of the sort happened here. I read many lamenting this and being sad about it, sad to the point of considering leaving the hobby. I understand them. I won't quit because I'm relatively new to Blythe.. only a little more than two years, my collection has only now taken shape, my love for these girls hasn't even slightly diminished, since it's surely not based on other's appreciation. BUT... I miss, I really miss the excitement of running to the computer in the morning to see what comments my overseas contacts had added overnight to my evening posts (being for them afternoon!). What can we do about it?
Shall we let Flickr win at tearing apart a lively community?