On Monday night the Calgary Power 138kV Bowron Substation in West Lethbridge caught fire. at 11:35PM fire fighters where at the scene. I had no power for about a day and a half because one of the transformers were burned up! Calgary Power says transformer No. 2 failed on Monday night and that it caused millions of dollars in damage. Calgary power needs to replace about 50 feet of 138kV conductor from the lines entering the sub. They also needed to replace a 138kV structure in the sub and some switch gear as well as the 138kV to 13.8kV transformer! The City of Lethbridge and Calgary Power have already started building the new Chinook 138kV to 13.8kV substation on the other side of West Lethbridge that will add more capacity and be able to run the whole side of West Lethbridge in case a sub fails again.