FortisAlberta owned by Fortis Inc located mostly in Southern and Central Alberta operates a huge distribution system. They run it in small towns and lots of rural areas just like cooperatives do. their poles feature SWER and are 24.9/14.4kv.. they also feature often glass bells and a lot of times 15kv pin insulators. their system is fed from the Altalink 138kv and 69kv system.

FortisBC owned by Fortis Inc is located in British Columbia and operates a distribution and their own transmission system. They run in not many area since BC is mostly ruled by BCHydro. Their Transmission system runs 138kv & 230kv and their distribution system is 24.9/14.4kv wye. they feature poles smilar to FortisAlberta's poles but they uses bigger conductor sizes in BC.