69kv is a reare site in Alberta and is a great one too! in Southern Alberta i know of three 69kv lines still running at 69,000 volts and i know of two now running at 24,900 volts. Most 69kv transmisison lines from back in the day were either upgraded to 138kv or towngraded to distribution voltages. As you noticed in the thumb nail there is a lightning rod on that 69kv line. that is very rare in Alberta and normally don't have them. also it is very rare to find double circuit 69kv lines still in service. but i have seen two of them in service downgraded to 24.9kv and 13.8kv. the first time i saw one was in Lethbridge, Alberta and the other was in Calgary, Alberta. all info was found on the Alberta Electric Associaton Site.