Over the past couple of years I've been using a Flickr account but have gradually been reducing that use because a lot of my work is about building up a visual narrative about an area. My main work is visual urbanism and increasingly I've been blogging as I research and have now built my own website for more completed pieces of work.

I'm beginning to use SmugMug for some of my photos which I put into themes and also for sharing some of my work privately with just few people. I intend to use ipernity for a mixture of waifs and strays, photos that don't belong to some of my longer term projects and some ideas for themes. I think therefore it will be rather like a scrapbook of ideas.

I've chosen to move away from Flickr because I'm not comfortable with their new layout which pushes some photos beyond their boundaries - too big, too much in the face and so little space to breathe. My work doesn't belong in that environment. I prefer to enable photos to do the talking which means using a more minimalist approach.

I'm liking what I'm seeing with ipernity and I like the fact that it seems to be like a mixture of The Guardian and the old Flickr with some very neat features. I also really like the ability to write articles and add documents. That is the clinch for me!

So here I am ...!