If I write the ideas down, they'll settle to the back of my mind and let me finish at least one of the many projects I'm currently working on? Right?

so, bunny one - The Threepenny Opera (thankfully no one reads these so I don't need to elaborate, heehee).

Bunny two - Avery Adams - might marry well with Bunny one, if goal is to remain a critique on classism.

Bunny three - if you were turned into a cat by an evil sorceress, would you "remember" who you were? Would it fade? would you be able to scratch out messages? Would you feel yourself slowly forgetting how to be or think human?

bunny four - the Anti-Rose Coloured Glasses Time Travel Story - A modern re-enactor who constantly bemoans being born in the "wrong time" gets a reality check.

bunny five - if it's always dark in space, wouldn't it be the perfect work environment for vampires...?