Someone in my local NaNo group is writing a Create Your Own Adventure novel and is using this software to do it: Twine.

So I looked it up, downloaded it, and started playing around with it; they call it game software - and I think text games or computerized CYOA or, as they say now, Interactive Fiction, was the last computer game I ever played. "There is a bucket, three feet wide and three feet tall, in the center of the room." After trying a million different things to do with and to the bucket, I typed in frustration, "Kick bucket!" The screen cleared, and then gave me this text: "You have died...."

I laughed so hard, and felt an immense appreciation for whoever had written that program. Twine isn't quite that interactive - the author provides options for the reader/player to choose from, but unlike a straight CYOA, the author can write in game elements using an IF THEN logic gate.

Also, you can add images using an img tag. I'm still playing around with it, realizing how much work such a story is, and so forth. If anyone else is interested in alternative story telling methods, it would be neat to see how many ways this could be used....