My appointed Barber in Limassol
When I was a child living in Hong Kong, my mum used to take my brother and I to some back passage alley way for a hair cut. This back passage effectively was a narrow gap between two buildings. At one end there was a wooden bench where customers would sit waiting their turn for a hair cut. At the other end of this narrow gap was a row of hair cutting chairs with mirrors and there was a drainage system right in the middle of the ally way. Despite being quite run down, the barbers in this alley always perform a 10 out of 10 perfect cut.

In my first few years in Cyprus, I have my haircut near a hair saloon near where I live, the hair saloon was sold off to a young female "hair stylist".She wasn't bad but she just can't get it right. There is always something which is not quite right

One lunch time during a work day, my colleague and I went for a drive round the old part of the Limassol town. I saw this barber shop and I knew I have to give it a try. My colleagues at work were laughing at me saying that the barber most probably couldn't speak English and I would end up having a haircut I didn't like.

My colleagues were correct the barber didn't speak English but I did end up getting a perfect haircut.

This article was first published in blogger on 13/05/2013