For those who like to use film, the triumph of digital photography has been a source for serious worries about the future availability of film and chemicals. In this article I will collect some news about the future of film - especially good news, I hope ;-)

1) The first one concerns the attempts to revive the Ferrania film factory in Italy. A report on these activities was recently published in the German journal "PhotoKlassik", dedicated eclusively to analog photography (issue 2014/1). After the production was stopped in 2011, a few Italian film addicts, especially Nicola Baldini and Marco Pagni, considered the chances to start the production especially of color films again. Last year, they decided to restart the production, using former production plants of Ferrania and working with former technicians of Ferrania. The preparation seems to go on as planned, as a new report tells, which I just found:

2) Obviously, there is no limit to new ideas in providing film cameras with food ;-)
Here is the most extravagant idea I've heard so far - film on japanese paper: