Who here doesn't have relatives who don't get along with each other. Every wedding or family reunion results in different family members having to be seated so as not to come in contact with someone else.

In my family it was my two Grandmothers. My dads mom was the perfect example of a proper English lady while my moms mom was a tough woman with little schooling and a hard life working since she was 14 who could make a sailor blush. I learned most of my bad language and dirty jokes from her. Put these two women close to each other and sparks would fly...and sometimes almost fists.

BUT...they both had a love for their families even though they themselves hated each other and I could sometimes see them trying unsuccessfully to get along for the sake of their children and grandchildren.

Why do I type this? I am here on ipernity to have fun, share my photos and perhaps learn from those shots that I see here. The argument about comment codes is still raging and both sides of the argument have acted badly towards each other. I recently found out that people have blocked me for allowing comment codes on my photos. They of course have that right and I would never refuse someone the right to do so, but I was curious as to why. Since then I have been unblocked and have discussed our different opinions without rancor or ill words...boggles the mind!

Will the two sides ever meet? Doubtful, but this recent exchange has given me hope that perhaps, maybe, possibly we can start to get along...even a teeny-weeny bit.

So, I will continue to visit people and comment on their shots that I like no matter what side of the argument they are on. And I will continue to allow any (within reason and good taste) comments on my photos. If you don't wish to see my shots because I may have so-called 'spam' in the comments or you feel that maybe I shouldn't be commenting on anti-'spammer' pages (associating with the enemy to some) that is your choice and I respect that although I don't agree.

Let's just start having fun, respect the wishes of each persons pages, and try to get along. That's why I am here and why I take photos...to have fun!