Well a week has now passed since I came to visit ipernity amidst the tumoil I found on flickr. Time does fly. I thought I would give my impressions of my new home so far and have a last rant about flickr before I vow to never mention it here again...I'm sure most of you are sick of the constant rehashing of a site we once loved so much.

My first thought about ipernity was how nice it looked especially after what had just assaulted my senses mere minutes earlier. The white background, each photo having a very definitve space of its own, the homepage with room for so much more including the Guestbook (a simple yet cool idea) and just the uncluttered feel it had.

My second thought, after uploading some photos, was 'Am I the only English speaking person here?!' I suffered a great feeling of culture shock at first and then realised that this provided a great opportunity to see the world thru the eyes of so many different cultures and countries. I quickly fired off an fmail to a contact on flickr asking her to check it out and perhaps we could test this new baby out together, desperate to see some familiar faces and hoping I had made the right move.

She came over (thanx Fran) and luckily she has enjoyed it here as much as I have...whew! Since then so many contacts have come to ipernity that it has started to really feel like home. I have recently spent a lot of time going over my flickr contacts that remain and have narrowed it down to 6 that I can't live without (although I will miss them all). Unfortunately Wes, aka Hairlover, will never leave due to the great investment in his groups, contacts and immense help in the HF. If these few remaining contacts come I think I would then leave flickr permanently since I can no longer navigate it as before and the fun of discovery is gone.

The reception I have received here has been tremendous. I went a week on flickr before anyone showed an interest yet here I quickly was added as a contact by ipernity members, not just fellow refugees. I have recently been asked to help administor a group, a first for me, and I am looking forward to the challenge. The invites to already existing groups here and the new ones that are springing up daily is also refreshing. It seems as if we refugees are striving to make a home here to rival what we have left. Bravo people!

So in closing I just wish to thank 'The Magnificent 7' for all their hard work and long hours to make us feel so welcome here. I really believe that ipernity is home...a good feeling.