...You can smell change. Clean. Fresh. Change is in the air.
It may just be the cool-crisp air of Fall but I feel recharged; renewed with the beginning of each new season.
Autumn is my favorite for it's color and brisk mornings and cool evenings!
The brilliant and dramatic landscapes in New England are the things songs are made of and films are inspired by.
It re-establishes a sense of tradition and home as the air grows cooler and the days grow shorter. There is the scent of cinnamon and apple cider as you walk past the orchards. The sweaters & scarves find their way to our closets again...brisk breezes and a smile as you pass your neighbor walking their dog. Watching the leaves fall gracefully to the ground as you stop to pick up your newspaper. Choosing the perfect pumpkin for the front porch.
This is the season of change. I can feel it. Can you?