More of an introduction than an official article.

As most realize by now - anyone that was on Flickr (or at least 93% of those) were unhappy with the result of the introduction to the 'new format' which was also a shock to most members(happy or unhappy - it was difficult to take in). Also, most of you are aware that many (from our doll community) are making the move to ipernity and other photo hosting sites - leaving that comfortable place we used to call 'Home' - behind us.

After many unheard pleas to "go back" to the original/past Flickr - those pleas fell on deaf ears in the form of letters and vague replies to our comments, questions and criticisms as they fell to the ground like ash and soot after a major volcanic eruption.

Thank goodness for well informed Flickr members posting on the Help-Forums, that led so many of us here. But for me - not before taking/downloading each and every last photo before deleting and departing from my Flickr-account permanently.
I know some would say after 8 years - it was a drastic move, however the 10 or so days that followed the big change over - I uploaded ONE pic and that was to say I would be leaving and ONLY followed the help forum where members made their voices heard(but to no avail)...and I never looked back.

I look forward to posting more photos here - chronicling my ever-evolving artwork, memorable moments with family and friends and important[and not-so-important] events.
I also look forward to the new faces here on ipernity and a change of scenery is always fun and exciting and of course - refreshing!!

It's not easy to accept the change of moving on - but it is a reality and I have to admit, it's something we need to come to grips with at some point in our lives.
What better time than NOW!