I am a Flickr refugee who has found this new gem of a web site, Ipernity. One thing I have noticed is missing, are Film based groups. Flickr has numerous of well known sites dedicated to Film and Film developing. Ipernity should be no exception. This is our chance to build some really nice groups that can compete, and with any luck, rival Flickr.

Film has a long history and has been the base of photography during most of its existence. I started when I was young as I am sure many of you have. Some of you may be new to the art form. Some of you may have only used digital and are interested or curious about film. Film, is a way to master photography in a whole new perspective. Each developer has its own properties and will add its own characteristics to the film.

PMK Pryo has some amazing properties as does Xtol. D-76 is the old standby that most people learn with first. D-23 is one of the simplest comercial developers out there and can easily be re-created. Metol, Sodium Sulfite, water and you are done! There are recipes for coffee developers and of course there are lots of other well know film developers I have not mentioned.