Well here i am starting my first blog evaaaa!! Im excited! Ive decied to start a blog because i want a place to pour my life out!! I just turned 16 so its a big year for me im going to be getting my license soon and buying a car and its all just coming so quickly! Im scared and excited all at the same time. Yet i still have the struggles like every other teenager. With the boys, and getting good grades, and making my parents happy its hard. And so is trying to find what your passion and place is in this crazy place we call life. Lately ive felt pretty alone. Not being close with any of my friends anymore like i was is hard. I had a best friend for 6 years. We did anything and everything together. But unfortunatly it ended freshman year all over some stupid guy that lasted only a week! Sometimes i wonder if i had never even considered that stupid guy in my life maybe i would still have my best friend and we would still be haveing the time of our lives together like we always did. Its hard to look back at the pictures and memories and realize what a huge mistake it was to lose my best friend. Ever since i lost her i havent seemed to be able to completely recover from it. I havent been able to find that true best friend that i did everything with and told everything to. I feel like i cant trust anyone anymore and that im on my own with my secrets because i cant tell anyone. Its been hard the past few months because i think i finally really realized what i lost. I better go to bed got school in the morning and work so i better hit pillow. Goodnight dont let the bed bugs bite and if they do bite them back<3