Today as I was flying over the lands, I looked down at Prometheus’ Human race. They were so small and innocent; I didn’t fully understand why he cared so much for them that he would go out of his way to give them the use of fire, even though he knew he would be punished gravely for it. When I got to the peak of the mountain I asked him “why did they deserve the fire? Is being chained to this mountain for eternity really worth it?”
He laughed at me, as he always does. “They are my children, I must provide for them. And if I were not chained to this giant rock then I would never have had the pleasure of our daily chats” he joked.
“But why did you need to steal things to provide for them?” I was still puzzled.
“Zeus and I have never really gotten along that well after the war and he didn’t like the idea of me crafting men from clay, so he ordered Hephaestus to make him a human daughter, the first woman, he name was Pandora. Zeus gave Pandora to my brother Epimetheus as his wife, as well as a box and told them that they were never to open it. I knew Zeus was up to something a warned Epimetheus against the marriage. Perhaps he forgot the advice I gave him, as he leaves everything to an afterthought. The curiosity of what was in the box got the better of Pandora and one night she opened the box, and out flew horrid things such as hate, crime, and desieses. She has set all these things free in the world to infect my race of men, just as Zeus had intended. She then also let hope out of the box, but hope can only do so much.
Epimetheus was in charge of distributing abilities among animals so each species could survive. Nothing was left for men so I took technology from Athena and fire from Hephaestus.
I needed to feed them nutrients, but the gods always eat the best of the foods, so I offered Zeus part of animals, saying man can have the other half he didn’t want – I tricked him into taking the fat and guts so humans got the meat. Once Zeus realised that I had made a full of him to feed my men he was very angry. Then Zeus took back fire from the humans which they had grown to reply on. I had to get it back for them, so that when I stole it and returned it to them in a fennel stalk.”
I was proud of him in this moment. I smiled and tired to devour his liver as quickly and as painlessly as I possibly could.