A part of me grew to look forward to my meetings with Prometheus. Besides eating his liver, it was the only part of my day where I wasn’t being bossed around by Zeus or my wife. I began to respect Prometheus and think of him as a friend. Prometheus, the son of Iapetus, was a Titan, the original race that came from the earth and sky. He sided with zeus when the titans were over throne. Besides deceiving the gods by providing for him human race, he holds the values and beliefs of a god, the values and beliefs I grew up respecting and following. The same cannot be said for Zeus. This god who I always thought was so great is really just a pervert. He is constantly chasing women around the place and taking Ganymede off to secret places, all while trying to hide his affairs from his wife Hera. Prometheus even told me that he met one of the women he attempted to seduce. He said an almost mad cow, by the name of Io, came across him on the mountain. She was once a woman when Zeus noticed her and to hide his attempts of wooing her from Hera he covered the sky in thick dark clouds so she couldn’t see what was happening on Earth. Hera knew he was up to something so came down from Mount Olympus. In fear of her reaction, Zeus turned Io into a cow and insisted he didn’t know her. Hera didn’t believe him and sent the mother of all gad-flies to sting the still bovine Io. This drove Io mad and she wondered the world trying to escape. This is when she came across Prometheus. He said he gave her hope as he told her one day, after years of her wondering around, she would return to her human state and he predicted that her child’s descendant would be a great hero and set Prometheus free. I hope he is right.