- This morning when I flew to meet Prometheus, I was feeling much more relaxed. When I landed he welcomed me with “ah, my feathered friend, so good of you to visit again. It gets awfully lonely up here alone”. This made me chuckle.
I thought I would introduce myself. “My name is Aethon. Even under the circumstances, it is a honour to meet you Prometheus”
“And you too” he quickly replied.
I walked over to see the wound I had left him with from the previous day. His torso was still open and bloody. In the gash I could see his liver, fully regrown as if it had never been taken. I had never seen anything like this.
“Well, dig in” he joked
I rolled my eyes, took a deep breath, and once again fed on his liver. The slippery texture of the organ makes it hard for me to look graceful, the horrid taste even more. He once again let out a slight laugh at me attempting to look cruel and composed rather than showing how repulsed I was. I could feel it sitting in my stomach, the taste down my throat, the smell of his rotting flesh that will never fade. I felt as though I am being tortured more than Prometheus.
“See you tomorrow then, Aethon” he smiled.
I nodded, “tomorrow, yes”.