This evening I explained to my wife my task Zeus had given me. I expected (or at least hoped) she would beg me not to do it. I saw no honour in torture. But she just paused and gave me a look as if I had been the one to offend her and said I a stern voice that I was to obey Zeus and do all he asks of me. This job was the only source of income we have. She got angry and accused me of wanting my family to live in poverty because I was too lazy to work. She threatened to fly off with my chicks saying that they don’t deserve such a lazy father, and they would be better off with a pigeon to provide for them. I have put us through enough hardship by not being employed since I was fired from the Greek police force for refusing to hold innocent people in the overcrowded cells. This job is my only chance at keeping my family, even if it goes against everything I believe in.