My week of fitness testing is done, and today was the day I finally met the great Zeus. I was so nervous. I had to try so hard to keep my composure. I could feel my feathers standing up. He was so intimidating. He was tall and built strong and solid. His beard was thick and had waves like the ocean. This was the supreme ruler of Mount Olympus and of the Pantheon of gods who resided there. He upheld law, justice and morals. He was my idol, such an honest, loyal god. He looked at me with his piercing eyes. I knew this was the moment he would assign me a job that would bring honour to my life forever- he would give me a respectful job I could be proud of.
He explained to me that the Titan god- Prometheus, who had fought beside him at the battle of the Titans, had now stolen fire from the gods and given it to mortal men. This greatly angered Zeus and was a shameful act. Zeus saw that Prometheus needed a cruel punishment so he would not continue to provide for the race of men. Zeus had him bound in chains to the peak of Mount Kaukasos where he would wait for me. I was to go to him once a day, rip him open and devour his liver. Day after day, his liver is to grow back and wait for the piercing of my talons and cutting of my beak.
My job is to keep this god living in agony. I will be known as a torturous henchman, not an honourable eagle of the gods.