Today has been nothing but disgust. I hate my job I hate the life I have chosen to live, I am invisible I want to be invisible I want everyone to foget me.

Its halfway through the day I'm on lunch and I fear the worse is yet to come.. Am I going to get fired today? I hate this place but I need this place. I have to be able to pay my bills but what is the cost of happiness these days? Your soul? Everything you like about yourself getting sucked out of you? Is that what all my hard work has gotten me? My mom raised me to be responsible but am I too responsible? So much so that I can't even step back and appreciate life and youth? I hate everything about my life at this point. I hate my job I have no friends..and Andrew is finally treating me the way I always wanted to be treated .. But am I too far gone to be saved? Yes. At this point this is no hope I just want to be numb. I wish I could flip a switch and turn it all off. Nobody knows this about me I think I hide myself pretty well wrapped up in a pretty bow with a smile. Every person has a breaking point and today at this moment I'm broken and dead.