So, is it just that I pick wrong friends or do real friends not exist anymore? I have never had a true friend. I've had plenty of best friends but they always seem to turn on me. My sister thinks I'm crazy because she's still friends with all her friends from her childhood (She's 27 now) The longest friendship I've had was my friend Clara, We became friends in kindergarten, but our freshman year she accused me of trying to steal her boyfriend. (He was so not my type, ewwy) haha. The closest friendship I had was with my friend Angelina (Bina) We met eighth grade year and it lasted till freshman year. After me and my boyfriend broke up she took his side over mine. (She didn't even like him till I made her be-friend him) It probably seem like all my friendship end because of a boy, but they don't. Those were just my two best-friends. Others just decided to either spread rumors or believe those rumors and stop talking to me. The main point of this is to ask, Do you have a true best-friend that's been there through think and thin? If so, consider yourself lucky.