Hi All!

I have no idea what I am doing. But, I would like to tell a little about my hobbies.

1. I love to cross stitch. When I get started cross stitching, I lose matters of time. I am in a world of my own. There is no one but myself, colors of thread, pattern, and fabric. I hear, nor see anyone around me. I have no sence of time. I live only to cross stitch. I forget bout food or anyone else. My husband says, he can be sitting by me and talking to me, but, I never hear a single word that he says. It takes him a while to snap me out of a cross stitch trance. I have sat and cross stitched for 48 hours straight. Heard no one and ate nothing. It would be as if no one was even there with me. He has told me not to cross stitch, while he is working over seas. The kids are grown, married, and no longer live close to me. He worries about my health. Even though nothing is wrong with me right now. He worries, that I might get sick if I get lost in cross stitching.

2. I love to do beading. I am trying to learn to mak beaded jewerly. Now, that is hard. I like the seed beads. But, my eyes have a hard time finding the little holes. But, it is still fun.

3. I do 3D art too. I work on pictures. Most of them, I think are bad. My icon is one of my pictures that I have done.

4. I am also learning to draw. Not very good at it. That's the reason for the 3D Art. Don't have to draw. But, I want to learn to draw anyway.

5. I am also learning how to play the guitar left handed. Even though I am right handed. Messed up little finger on left hand, and can not put pressure on it o push down string to play the guitar. So, I switched hands. I now use the left hand to strum, not to hold down strings. It works for me.

I find that there is not enough hours in a day, to do all the things I want, with all the things I have to do. I would need 48 hours for one day, and at least 10 days for one week. Funny isn't it? The jewerly that I want to learn to make would be for sale. The art would be for, me to make into a graphic novel. And, to use for making my own cross stitch picutres. I have so much to say, but, it will have to be at another time. Have a great day everyone! I will post pictures as soon as I can....