No, it’s not a recipe for a French delicacy. This year my pots have been under siege from snails. I’ve planted 2 pots of peas, twice, only to have the snails devour them. They’ve eaten the tops of the potatoes, and even the onion tops. I’ve never known a year like it. In the past, I’ve put down large pieces of egg shell and this has worked well, but not this year. One of my sisters told me about garlic spray, so I googled it, got the recipe, and made some up. The kitchen stank of garlic for days and the snails love it! Seriously. I’ve been picking up 10 or more snails a day just from the pea pots and I finally cordoned off the top end of the garden from the dog and put down slug pellets. I’m still picking out live snails! So, I give up. I concede. I am defeated.

I’ve had a poor crop of spuds due to snails, the onions are very small so far, and the carrots aren’t doing well either. As the pots of veg finish off, I’m going to leave them fallow, or empty the spent compost into a bag and dispose of it, and next year I’m going back to growing mostly flowers, fruit, and herbs. I’ll still grow some tomatoes in pots because I just adore a freshly picked tomato, but I’m done with growing veg for a while; it’s too disheartening. Meanwhile I’ve pushed the tips of the runners from the tayberry and blackberry into small pots of compost, and that will get me some more fruit bushes for free. I like free :) The raspberry needs splitting into 2 pots, so that will boost the raspberry crop too.

My sister and her boyfriend came to lunch on Saturday, and she was marveling at the crop of blueberries I’ve had this year – the slugs don’t bother with them thankfully! My blueberry bushes are over 8 years old, and I told her I’ve never pruned them, except to cut off the occasional dead twig or small branch. Her boyfriend has been pruning theirs; they haven’t had a good crop off a 4 year old plant, so he’ll now stop. For lunch I roasted a chicken and let it cool, cooked some steaks in coffee (absolutely fantastic!) I cooked some slow roasted peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic, and onions. I boiled some of my small potatoes, made up a salad bowl, and cooked some garlic bread. I’d also made a chocolate cake, so we had a feast. It was delicious if I say so myself. Best of all, there are plenty of leftovers for me to make a pasta dish today and add the chicken and roasted veg to it.

I have one more day of my holiday and haven’t done a scrap of DIY, and I don’t care lol. I’ve done some gardening, cleaned my room, cleaned the bathroom to within an inch of its life, and have sorted out some junk from my son’s room. He keeps his bedroom very tidy, seriously, but has been accumulating school books for a number of years so we decided to recycle them. I’ve torn his name off the books, ‘rescued’ blank paper for notepads, and have put the rest into the recycling crate. I’ve filled a crate, and will have to wait for bin day before I set to on the final box of workbooks. My sister took some boxes of Lego for her granddaughter, and now my son’s bedroom is looking much better. I hate clutter, and regularly pass on, recycle, or bin ‘stuff’ we no longer want or need.

We haven’t had the promised rain here and I’m so sick of the summer now. It’s been hot and humid, and last night at 11pm we had lightning, but no rain. It’s not so much the heat of summer I dislike, it’s the humidity in this country; it’s unbearable. I need a decent lottery win and I’m offski to North America. My ‘kid’ sister has long wanted to go to Portugal with her b/f, but has now decided she too wants to go to North America. When I asked her why, she said it was because I wouldn’t go and live in Portugal with them (it doesn’t appeal) and she wants to live near me. Aaw isn’t she sweet? I think she likes her ‘big’ sister. My other sister would happily disappear and never see any of us again if she had the money, and that probably includes her own kids. Such a shame when family gets like that. She did come back from her holiday btw though wasn’t happy.

Hmm a long blog, I shall stop. Have a great week next week. 4 day week for me, and a busy one to look forward to, can’t be bad.