It’s always the same; I make plans for time off, or the weekend, and they go all to pot. Some rumour was going around work, and it looked like my week off would be cancelled. In the event that didn’t happen and I am, at least, off from work. I had planned to do quite a bit of DIY this week off. I need to paint and varnish the stairs, and grout the bathroom tiles. All time consuming, and jobs that mean there can’t be too much traffic in the house.

My son has had a painful or aching leg for quite some time and after needing painkillers one day, he asked me to make an appointment for him to see the doctor. I rang, and luckily, managed to get an appointment for him, for Tuesday afternoon; probably a cancellation. So Tuesday morning I went to my ex’s house to read the gas and electric meter – he had asked me very nicely due to some issues with the power company. I had planned to buy myself some new work trousers, and new bedding, but after checking on the house, and reading a meter that required me to be over 6 feet tall (had to stand on a chair) and a quick whizz around for groceries, I was out of time if I wanted to be home in time for my son’s GP appointment. The doctor decided he needed his hip, femur, and knee X-rayed. When we got home I rang the local hospital, and they could fit him in for Thursday morning.

In the meantime he took some prescribed pain killers on the Wednesday morning, and spent the rest of the morning coughing violently and almost being sick. It was looking like my night out with my friend was not going to happen. After a while things calmed down, and after assuring me that he was okay, I went out. My friend and I had a nice time; we went to the pub, met a few of his friends and some family, and had a good time out. He kept me out until 11pm which is way past my bed time lol. His dog woke me twice in the night, and I had a really bad night with hay fever; I’m not used to dog hairs in the bedroom! In the morning we were up before 06.30 due to him needing to catch a train, and I had to get back home to take my son to his hospital appointment. It took us over an hour to drive to the hospital, park the car – which is always a nightmare, and walk goodness knows how far to the right department. By the time we got home again, the morning was wiped out.

On Friday my son is meeting friends for lunch, so his taxi service (me) won’t be doing any DIY, and on Saturday family are coming over for lunch. I’ll then have Sunday and Monday off, and it’s then back to work. So far, I haven’t done any DIY at all, and I’m shattered! Oh well, I’m off again late August, dare I make any plans? LMAO.