This morning I had the results of my blood tests, and all the things they were testing for have come back as ‘Normal.’ This is, of course, good news, however it doesn’t explain the tiredness, breathlessness, and bruising. I can only assume these are leftover from the virus I’ve had and hopefully I’ll perk up soon. In the meantime I’m going to give myself a pep talk and buck up my ideas lol.

I’ve lost a little more weight which I’m pleased with. I’m setting myself realistic targets and so far I’m sticking with them, with the occasional ‘treat’ thrown in. I confess I have a bit of a sweet tooth and enjoy the odd biscuit or cake but I’m trying my best to limit them. Limiting alcohol helps too, as it’s high in calories and of course it costs quite a bit.

Speaking of which, I’ve had to lay down the law with my son regards money. He desperately wants the apprenticeship he’s applied for, so much so that he hasn’t looked for anything else, nor has he signed up for job seekers allowance (JSA). I’ve told him if he hasn’t heard anything from the application this week, then he has to get himself off to the job centre. I wrote it out in black and white the money that I was receiving whilst he was in school, the money I receive now – at least half what it was, and the money I’ll receive from end of August – zero, zilch, big fat nothing. Add to that the council tax will go up by over £240 a year because he’s no longer a student, and not only is my income going down, but my outgoings are increasing. Meanwhile he could be getting JSA!

I’ve been counting the days until I’m off next week but I’ve hit a ‘hiccup’ and may have to cancel my leave. Noooooooooo! Something is going on here and I may not be able to take leave when I want to; I’m waiting to hear from senior management, assuming they get back to me at all. If I hear nothing, I shall remain oblivious and just leave the holiday booking as it is. This place treats us like mushrooms, keeps us in the dark and feeds us… You know the rest!

We’re forecast some rain over the next few days and it can’t come soon enough. The shrubs in the large bed out the front are suffering. We had a little rain recently, but nothing like the amount we were forecast. If we don’t have some decent rain soon I’ll have to buy a hose, accept that it’ll add to my water bill; I’m on a meter, and give the garden a good drink.

It’s almost Friday, thankfully, have a great weekend.