You’ll probably gather from the title that we’ve had some rain at last. It’s been very sunny here with an average temperature of 24C which is low compared to some I know, but pretty hot for us in Wales. On Sunday it topped out at 26C and I actually felt a little faint. I was lying awake at 4am this morning (Friday) with the window open listening to the gentle rain fall. At least the garden has had a much needed drink, and the half inch we had overnight will have settled the pollen a little; we’ve had a very high pollen count in Wales, and both my son and I have been ‘suffering’ from hay fever. We’re due some heavy showers throughout the day, and I have buckets in the garden to catch the free water to store for my plants.

On Wednesday it was my ex’s 50th Birthday. We’d already sent cards, and he rang before 9am to say thanks. His wife was on the phone too, and she and I had a nice long chat. She misses us. Aaw isn’t that nice. They also thanked me for looking after their house, and mentioned that they’d had an offer; however the buyer pulled out due to some minor repair work that needs doing. The buyer wanted a buy to let that didn’t need any work at all done. Good luck to them! I have mixed feeling about buy to let. On the one hand I live in a rental, however if people didn’t keep buying them up to rent out, then there would be more houses available to buy and maybe the prices would be more realistic. I genuinely feel that there should be a cap on how many properties one person or company can own. This would stop the likes of a certain landlord who owns almost the whole of one ‘village’ in Wales. This same man doesn’t want any people on benefits renting his homes, and has openly threatened to evict any tenants that lose their jobs and have to go on benefits. What a nice man.

After a wait of a week, I got to see my GP. She thinks my platelets are dropping again and has advised me to have a full blood work up done. They’re going to check platelet levels of course, and for thyroid function, and also a diabetes test. All this from being poorly after a virus! She did note that it was a particularly nasty virus that I’d had. I’ve had to wait a week for an appointment to see the nurse (next week) and I’ll probably have to wait almost a week for the results. And they wonder why our emergency rooms are full! For two whole weeks, I’ve been woken every single night with leg cramps or pins and needles in my arm; it’s getting tedious now and I’m shattered. The doctor didn’t comment much on that, and wants to wait for the blood test results. I’m putting hydrocortisone on the bump on my arm, and that at least is going down, though I’m still experiencing recurring petechial rashes and bruising. What a wreck! Lol

It’s Friday at last, and it’s been a long time coming. I’m out tomorrow to collect my friend’s guide dog from the sitter, and maybe another nice lunch will be shared. Have a great weekend, I shall be enjoying the rain :)