This is an expression that my son has recently been using to denote someone who is a bit up themselves. I love it! A colleague of mine is a Special Snowflake; everyone else has to use a centralised printer, sometimes on a different floor, but they’re special so have their own printer on their desk. How special is that?

Speaking of my son, he’s been a pain this week. He’s now completed his final exam and is anxiously waiting for the results in August. I could be dead by then from his stress! He’s also had to complete 2 online exams, write a pen portrait, and a CV for an apprenticeship that he’s applied for. I haven’t had any free time from him (unless you count the hospital stay!) since September when his Dad left, and the strain is starting to show. So much so, that I’ve arranged to stay overnight with my friend early in July, and we’re going to go out for the evening. I haven’t done that in literally years. We’re going within walking distance of his house, so I’ll be able to have a drink too. I’m looking forward to it.

Early next week I’m off for a check-up at the doctor’s. I’ve been so thirsty since my stay in hospital, ridiculously so, and I’m still weary. Walking any distance makes me breathless and I can’t make it to the top floor of our building without having to stop. This isn’t like me. It could be an after effect of the virus, but I’m having a check-up just in case. I’ve also had some further petechiael rashes and a ‘bump’ on my arm. It’s like a blister, but it’s hard and it’s bothering me. For the past week I’ve not had a decent night’s sleep due to leg cramps, or pins and needles. I’m a pain lol

Next week I’m praying for rain on Wednesday; I have to drive to our other campus thanks to my colleague, and spend a day there doing stuff we’ve already done in the past. To him, I think, it’s just a ‘jolly’ and a day out of the office. To me it’s a pain in the ar** and a lot of motorway driving that I can do without, especially in this heat. Oh for a car with AC. Speaking of Special Snowflake... lol

Enjoy this weather if you like it, personally I’m fed up of watering the garden and really would like some rain for the plants, and to cool things down, and settle the pollen down. We’ve had the longest day, all downhill to winter now lol