As mentioned on Summer’s page, I didn’t realise that Oz has a different date for Father’s Day. To be honest, it didn’t even occur to me, so I posted off a card from my son to his Dad a little while ago; no idea how long the mail takes. Anyway, my ex called Sunday morning to say thanks. I rang my Stepdad to wish him happy Father’s Day (local call), and had sent a card, but I’m not ringing Oz! They chatted for quite a while and when he’d hung up he came downstairs and said he was so bored by what his Dad was saying that he was falling asleep. I let it lie, but afterwards said that it was okay for him to say he likes talking to him and that I won’t be upset or anything; however he stated that he doesn’t like him and wishes we could move and not let them know. I thought that was quite sad. He’s also getting ‘miffed’ that both of them keep asking when he’s going to visit them. We can’t afford it for one thing, and even if they paid I doubt he’d go; he doesn’t like the heat, he’s never been on a plane, and I think they would make him crazy. I never had a good relationship with my Father (his choice) and I think it’s such a shame that my son is experiencing the same with his Father; his choice to leave and emigrate.

I did some work last week for a member of staff and had to wrack my brains to remember what to do lol; I haven’t done this task for about 18 months. I felt quite peeved when they said that I shouldn’t sit and wait for work to do, and should go and find some. Like they’d know what I do! Some days it’s crazy busy here, and now that it’s a little quiet it’s the perfect time to tidy out cupboards, pack away kit that isn’t used much, and test other kit ready for when the students come back. I’m rarely bored, and certainly don’t need to look for work; I have enough thank you very much. So much so, that I can’t even take a full week off for leave and have to split 7 days off across 2 weeks. I made sure they know that fact!

My landlord/friend is having a procedure in hospital this week and I confess I’m quite worried about him. He’s apparently a prime candidate for Alzheimer’s, due to an old brain injury, so is taking part in some experimental treatment. He’s been my friend now for about 9 years, and it’s the longest that I’ve ever maintained a friendship; he says the same. A worrying time for all concerned I’m sure, and I can’t imagine how much his wife and children must worry about him.

On a happier note; it’s been pretty warm and sunny here and now I want some rain for my poor thirsty plants. Contrary? Me? LOL