The fact that I haven’t heard from my ex has been making me a bit cross, so I sent a rather terse (never rude) email asking if he’d read my email and seen the photos of the damp, and just hadn’t bothered to reply, and that I did think that he might have said thanks. Apparently he replied the same day that I sent the photos but I never got that. He re-sent the (alleged) email, and mentioned that he’s already asked someone to repaint the wall; I’ve no idea if they have a key. I said thanks for the resend, however didn’t feel like apologising; I only have his word that he sent it in the first place and we definitely haven’t received any emails from them this month.

My sister is still having problems since her surgery and claims she can barely leave the house some days. That isn’t stopping her from going to Turkey soon to visit a friend for a week though. Hmmm. Her husband is back in hospital after having knee surgery, and my sister is having to sort out other family members to look after his Mum when she goes away as he is his Mum’s carer – if that makes sense (they don’t live together anymore, though legally are still married). I’m really surprised that she’s going away; she has a heightened sense of guilt and responsibility, and her brother in law and sister in law are not best known for pulling their weight. She’s even said that she won’t be taking her phone so that no-one can get in touch with her. It makes me wonder if she intends to come home again…

My son sat another exam today, and said that it went badly. He has 2 more to go and then will hopefully never have to sit exams again. I’m afraid he’s like me in that he stresses about these things. Each day he’s had an exam, he’s been up before me because he can’t sleep. I’m still like that and when we have to set up for exams here, I rarely sleep well the night before. Speaking of which, I had an email today and have found out, in a roundabout way, that we have 3 more exam sessions to set up; one of which is in the week I was hoping to take off. Bummer! Honestly, we’re supposed to take our leave outside of term time, and they keep piling on the work! Not a happy bunny :(
Enjoy the rest of the week, we’re forecast to actually have a few days of sunshine here in the UK; that will make a nice change. Enjoy it while it lasts.