This week I was asked, without much notice, to assist with exams. Last year it was quite fraught but I said Yes anyway because that’s what I do. Last year we had tears, not mine, and so many problems that an extra ‘body’ is no bad thing. The morning session went quite well apart from a network failure due to a student turning off a modem with her feet. You have to laugh... In the afternoon I had to sit for 2 and a half hours, in an area away from the exams, and just be available as a gofer (go for other staff) in case of problems. With the exception of someone having a panic attack it went well and it was so quiet that I swear I nodded off. The nice thing was, the member of staff in charge thanked me, more than once, for being available, flexible, and for helping out. Even better, they made the deputy head of school aware of my assistance, and they thanked me too. I know it’s my job; however it’s nice to be appreciated.

As for the No Thanks well that, unsurprisingly, refers to my ex. It’s been over a week since I went and checked on his house, and took photos, and he hasn’t even had the decency to say thanks. I don’t want much, but a thank you would go down well. His rudeness to our son and me, and his lack of respect for us both was just one of many reasons that I left him but this is extremely rude, even by his standards.

Last week I sorted out my sick note for work, and advised them that I don’t need to have further blood tests. Well it seems I spoke too soon! I had a letter today from the hospital stating that they’ve found an ‘abnormality of the proteins’ in my blood. As a consequence I have to have 6 monthly blood and urine tests done for the next few years, just as a precaution. Bummer! This is not uncommon, especially in people over the age of 70 (not even close!) so they want to keep a regular check on it. Thankfully I can have these done at my GP surgery and will only need to attend hospital if anything else is found. I’ve looked up the terms used in my letter, and it’s enough to scare you to death! Hopefully this was just as a result of the viral infection and nothing further will be found. Not the greatest of endings to a thoroughly nice day.

Earlier today I went to see my friend and we took his dog to a sitter so he and the dog can have a break. We chilled out in the garden for a while, then I took us both grocery shopping, then we went to a very nice pub for lunch. It was my treat to him for being so supportive and helpful when I was in hospital. As I said; it was a thoroughly nice day.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.