On Thursday I received a panicky email from my ex stating that his estate agent has advised them that water was running down the inside wall of their house. He asked if I would go and check the damage and report back to them. Like the mug that I am I emailed that I would, but the earliest I could go was Saturday. So I rearranged my schedule, and armed with a mop and bucket I went to their house dreading what I might find. The ceilings are clean and dry, and all the floors are dry too though there is a little damp on the one wall; probably due to condensation; the house has been empty for 8 months after all and I’m guessing they’re asking too much for it not to have sold it by now. I took some photos and emailed my ex on the Saturday afternoon. Well they must be really concerned about the damp because they haven’t thanked me for rescheduling my weekend, or for the 30 mile round trip I had to do, or for the hour and a half out of my weekend. That’s if they’ve even bothered to read my email. If they think I’m doing that again they can frelling bite me!

A certain colleague in work is also getting on my nerves. Every time he does anything, or learns anything new, he emails the staff concerned and copies our manager into the email. Talk about having a brown nose! He’s decided he wants some more training on some software we have so he’s organised it and naturally copied the boss in, who now wants me to be involved too! I’m busy enough without getting involved in his ‘Ooh look at me’ antics. Besides, it’ll involve a day or two on our other campus which is a pain in the butt to get too and involves an hour to 90 minutes’ drive each way. I seriously hope they don’t renew his contract when it expires!

As for me, I’m grumpy as hell in case you hadn’t noticed lol. I have no energy and can’t get enough sleep at the moment. If I don’t perk up soon I’ll have to go for another check-up. I went for a walk on Sunday with my friend and usually we walk for a couple of miles before I’ve had enough. This time we made it around the lake, probably less than a mile, and I had to have a sit down before I had the energy to walk back to the café. He treated me to breakfast which was nice, though we had to wait ages for it to be ready. By the time our food arrived I was feeling quite fed up and if he hadn’t already paid, I would have been sorely tempted to just cancel our order. I managed to cook a roast for Sunday dinner but left the washing up for a while as I was too tired; very unusual for me. As my Mum sometimes says; my get up and go, got up and left. I need some high energy food and a good prod lol.

Enjoy your week.