On Tuesday I had to go back to the hospital and have further blood tests to ensure that my platelet levels were improving. If not, they were going to keep me in and run further tests including a bone marrow test. I had the blood tests done and had to wait for the results. They must have put a rush on them, as less than an hour later, I was called in to see the consultant. Thankfully my platelet levels have shown a marked improvement, and although not as high as they should be, they’re so much higher than last week; so, all good. They don’t need to see me again unless I start to experience severe bruising or unaccountable bleeding; not very likely, just a warning for me to be aware of as they’re only assuming that the viral infection and the meds caused the problem.

My sister took a day off from work and took me in and stayed with me which was lovely of her. It was nice to have her distracting me and the company of course. I’d taken a bag for a 3 night stay, just in case, and we left my bag in her car so we didn’t have to lug it around. I’m so glad I didn’t need it. Afterwards she took me shopping just to top up on a few things and then took me home. She gave me a lovely surprise; she’d made me 2 cardigans in my favourite colour – purple. It’s a dark purple, and she didn’t use a pattern, so the cardigans are unique. It was so lovely of her and well appreciated.

All is back to normal here now, though I’m still quite weary and can’t last the day without a nap (or two). I must be getting old… lol

An unexpected but very welcome ‘side effect’ – I’ve lost almost 5lbs in a week so I’m a happy bunny :)