Is it weird to envy your dog the food he’s eating? This isn’t about money; it’s about ease and lack of effort. Don’t get me wrong; I like cooking, and I like to eat however it gets tedious, cooking every single day and there are days when I envy my dog being able to have a bowl of kibble. He doesn’t have to think about a balanced diet, it’s all in his kibble. I alternate the flavour of his kibble, and of course he has a clean bowl each time and fresh water, but that’s it. No sinks full of dishes. No buying lots of different foods to ensure a balanced diet. Just kibble. Sometimes I wish there was a human equivalent so that when I’m bored of food shopping, cooking, and washing up, I too could have a bowl of kibble.

A previous dog used to have tinned dog food, specifically Winalot Prime, and I used to envy her that too; it always looked so good. I used to think if I could put a pastry lid on it, it would make a great meat pie. I never did it as I’ve no idea if dog food is fit for human consumption though it did look and smell good.

In my teens I used to pinch the dogs Shapes, especially the yellow ones. Man they tasted good. I’ve often been told I have nice shiny hair, and strong teeth LMAO! For the record, I don’t pinch my dog’s biscuits; I don’t fancy Bonio’s.

So, is it weird? I suspect that it is…

Finally, reading the news these past few weeks the following stories have been highlighted:
A Doctor has been struck off and faces jail time after he took intimate secret photos of his female patients, and sexually assaulted them.
2 Police officers were filmed stealing goods from a mock up house as part of an undercover sting.
We’ve had Ministers who make false claims on their expenses, then all but get away with it!
A teacher (head teacher?) was struck off after he secretly filmed children using the toilets (my son’s school briefly had cameras in the toilets. When pupils found out, they all refused to drink so that they didn’t need the toilet all day. This isn’t healthy, and the cameras were removed. This was ‘allegedly’ done to discourage bullying in the toilets and pupils missing class).
There are always stories of ministers/priests who have assaulted children.
What the hell is the UK becoming? Is there anyone that we can trust anymore?