I’ve been watching what I think is an ‘old’ series called In Plain Sight. Basically, it’s about people who have witnessed a crime or criminals who have turned on their counterparts, who are placed into witness protection. The series deals with how they cope, and of course there is character progression for the main players of the series. I’ve been really enjoying it. Whilst I would never want to witness anything bad that could jeopardise my life, or that of any of my family, I have to admit; the idea of moving away and starting a whole new life and becoming someone else in another part of the country (providing my son came with) is very appealing. My family aren’t that bad, however there are times when I could cheerfully just walk away. It’s one reason that I play the lottery now and again; the chance to move away, leave some of my ‘baggage’ behind me, and start afresh. A girl can dream…

Good news on the work front; we had a meeting early in the week and my manager asked outright (because he knew I wouldn’t have the courage) when our grade was going to be restructured. Apparently there are no plans to do so, so I can stop worrying about the possibility of having to apply for own job. WooHoo! Ah the joys of having a specialist role :) You’d think I’d sleep better for knowing, but alas that isn’t the case so far, and I’ve had some pretty awful nights of late.

I think I’m incubating yet another cold and I thank my colleague from the heart of my… You’ve heard of Plague Mary? Well I’m working with him! Except that Mary was apparently not ill, she was a carrier. My colleague is a carrier but is also always ill. And I have to breathe the same oxygen as him in our office. I’ve had one cold after another since he moved in to our office. Nice!

This year, as mentioned before, I’ve been cutting back on alcohol. Recently I bought half a bottle of whisky, and although it was a nice treat I don’t think I’ll buy anymore once this has gone; it’s so expensive! I’m still enjoying the occasional bottle of wine (over quite a few days I might add) though have definitely cut down. I’ve discovered becks Blue which is pretty nice. All the taste of Becks, thirst quenching, and at 0.05% alcohol, is almost alcohol free especially if you enjoy just one bottle.

Here in the UK the forecast is for a dry and warmer weekend which will be nice. It was merely 4 degrees this morning and I haven’t yet felt warm enough to take off my cardigan. Hope you all enjoy some sunshine and warmth this weekend. Have a great one!