These past few days I’ve been getting my son some information for his planned trip. He was under the naive impression that 8 of them were just going to go abroad and have a good time. I’ve not tried to put him off, I genuinely haven’t, however I’ve impressed upon him the need for travel insurance, the fact that he has to get an insurance form so that he can receive medical treatment abroad if he needs it, the fact that Barcelona is pretty hot in July (hotter than we’re used to anyway), and that he may need to get a different debit card before he goes unless the bank say that his can be used abroad. He’s worried that none of them have been abroad without an adult before, and he’s not keen on having to share a bedroom. He’s been surprised at how expensive the trip was starting to become, and he’s also finding it stressful to the point that he’s been unable to make decisions lately. Add to this that he has exams just before they go, and that he wants to search for a job, and he’s now thinking that he probably won’t go. I would never stop him going; however I’m quite relieved that he’s now going cold on the idea. I know at some point he has to fly the nest, but at this time I think he’s too ‘young,’ naive, and shy.

Work has been crazy busy, so much so that on Thursday I was feeling quite nauseous and my head was pounding so I went home a couple of hours early. I’ve been rushing around trying to do everything and meet ridiculous deadlines and quite frankly my job isn’t worth it, so I’ve now got to slow down. No-one will thank me if I make myself ill and go on the sick for any length of time. I’ve already turned down a commitment for early April; I can’t be in two places at once or please two ‘masters’ so I’m not going to try.

I’m having a real problem with clothes. I don’t know what I’m supposed to wear. I don’t want to look like ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ but the shops that seem to cater for older women have clothes that all look so drab. I don’t wear really bright or garish clothes, but drab? That’s just not me. And what’s with so many clothes being see-through? Is modesty a dirty word? I might pop to the city next weekend and seek out Debenhams and see if they have anything nice; I’ve liked their clothes in the past.

As for the title? What kinds of thoughts were going through your heads I wonder? 3 inches refers to the amount of hair that I had cut off Friday evening. My hair was looking straggly, too long, and was getting on my nerves so I had a really good cut. The stylist cut it, and then I asked her to cut it again, and she still didn’t cut as much off as I wanted. I even showed her a picture of the length I wanted my hair to be. Oh well, maybe next time. I’ve had long hair most of my life and I’ve become bored with it. It’s now shoulder length. I have to say, having so much of the length cut has felt quite liberating.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.