Following on my previous blog; thankfully the week improved with no more tears. I do find my job very frustrating sometimes, and no-one ever pops by or calls just for a chat; they always want something. Always! In my previous job I worked in a very large open plan office, and although it was sometimes a bit noisy, it was quite sociable and there were often social activities outside of office hours. I don’t socialise with anyone from this job. On the subject of noise, our old building has been, almost, demolished now. I felt quite sad watching it come down. I had my own little office, not much of a view but it was all mine, and although it was a cold and draughty building, we had our own little community there. All gone :(

My 3 day weekend went very well and we had fine weather. On Friday my son had gone on a school trip to London and after dropping him off at school at 7am, I drove to the supermarket and did all the grocery shopping first thing. Although I don’t mind taking my friend shopping, it was really nice to do it on my own for a change. My only complaint was that in Asda’s there wasn’t any heating on that early, not all the lights were on, and no ‘manned’ tills open. Luckily a kind assistant helped me with the scanning. I hate the auto tills and never ever get them to work without having to call someone over.

Once I got back home I made myself a coffee, and armed with vacuum cleaner, dusting cloths, and a large black bin bag, I set about cleaning my son’s room. Superficially he keeps a very tidy bedroom, however I wanted to move all the furniture and give it a good spring cleaning. I live in a small 2 bed house, yet it took me 3 hours to really clean the upstairs. After lunch I cleaned the downstairs. What a day off! Lol. He arrived home safely just before 9pm after having had a ‘boring’ day visiting the Science Museum, and the BBC – goodness knows why!

Saturday my friend and I met in town, and then went off to a local garden centre where I bought a patio cherry tree. I wanted some flower bulbs that were on offer but he talked me out of it; he doesn’t grow anything he can’t eat. We had lunch there and very nice it was too; bacon, brie, and mushroom toasted sandwich with a little salad. Afterwards I took him home and he said he had a ‘little’ job for me. He got me to build a frame with netting on to keep the birds off his plants. The ‘little’ job took over an hour!

Sunday I bought some compost, potted on some herbs, planted some spuds in special sacks, potted on tomato plants, and then went back to the garden centre for bark (small car!) for the front garden, and I bought the bulbs I wanted. Ha! I like growing veg, but I also like flowers and herbs, and love it when the garden is buzzing with bees. Two years ago I had huge amounts of bees in the garden, but last year the numbers were definitely down. More flowers needed. I also bought a little bee house so hopefully that will attract them too. My garden is covered with concrete slabs, and I now have 62 potted plants lol. It's getting out of hand...

After a busy weekend, Monday was back to work for a rest!

It’s raining gently now which will do the garden good after so many dry days. Have a great week.