On Thursday I received some mail from work, and opened it very apprehensively. With all the reorganisation, and people losing their jobs, you do not want mail from work. My apprehension was heightened because last week I was unable to access my work email. I had to change my password, and was then locked out by ‘security.’ I phoned the help desk, explained my predicament and asked if I’d been fired and they forgot to tell me. I was half serious. Apparently a number of staff had experienced the same problem and they sorted out my email account for me. It goes to show though, how insecure I, and a few others, are feeling about our place of work. Anyway, the mail was just an advice notice that they’d paid my travel expenses, after deducting almost £2 of it for no apparent reason.

On the subject of money, I was also paid the overtime that was owed to me, and some arrears of pay. By the time the tax ‘man’ had taken their cut, and the National Insurance (another form of tax), and my pension contribution had been increased, and of course my student loan payment was increased, I was only left with a tad over half of what I had earned. I was gutted! I’m not a higher rate tax payer – I wish! I don’t even earn close to what is laughingly called the average wage. To be deducted so many stoppages just seems wrong. I had been toying with getting a Saturday job to help ends meet, but a friend advised against it saying that I would be crucified in taxes. I think they may be right! I was bemoaning this fact to my son, and he told me not to worry as he’d be getting a job as soon as his exams finished. Aaw isn’t he sweet. He’s already decided against college as he doesn’t want to start his working career with a massive debt behind him. We know all about the student loans, and how he won’t have to pay it back until he earns a certain amount, but it’s his choice and I understand it. When I was his age I had a grant for further education, not a loan. This loan system is not right I feel, and can discourage people from further or higher education for the very reasons my son has.

I had more mail today that I had to sign for. It stated that it contained important documents, and I thought ‘what now?’ I don’t like official looking mail, or mail from work. Man I need to get a life! Lol. Anyway, this was good mail. My ex had emailed and thanked me for checking on his house. He also said that he’d send a ‘little something’ in the mail for me. Well he’d obviously bought some supermarket gift vouchers over the internet and had them posted to me. It was very unexpected and very generous of him, and more than covers anything the petrol would have cost me. So, all good mail as it turns out.

I’ve enjoyed my few days off; I cleaned the bathroom to within an inch of its life lol, cleaned the kitchen too, and gave the whole house a good vacuum including moving furniture. I’ve had some nice cooking sessions which I enjoy but often don’t have time for on a work day, and some good sessions watching the occasional film too. Back to work on Monday, with just the weekend to look forward to.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.