This morning I received an email from the ex asking if I’d go and check on his house here in the UK. Apparently some roof tiles have come off in the wind, and he wants me to check that the house is water tight and to see where the damage is so that he can get it repaired. Bloody cheek I thought, and of course I emailed that I would. I’m too nice! He’ll have to wait until Saturday or Sunday, because unlike him I have to work full time to support his son and myself.

I have some time off next week as it’s half term and I can’t wait. Work is tedious in the extreme at the moment and I’m finding it stressful in its own way. I’ve heard how some more staff are being reorganised and that they have to apply for their own jobs. It’s a despicable situation to be in, and if you don’t toe the line and play their game then you could easily find yourself out of a job. I’m dreading when they get around to my area of work but at the same time, just wish that they’d get on with it so I at least know if I have a job here. I’m looking for other work but there’s not a lot out there, especially as I’m after a permanent post. I may start to look further afield, especially now that my son is nearing the end of his schooling. In some ways, it’s only his education that has kept us here, and I could really use a change of scenery. This year, we’ll have been at this house for 8 years which is the longest I’ve ever lived in one place in my life.

Speaking of my son, he’s now ‘decided’ that he isn’t going to go to college. I think our visit recently and the environment shocked him a little as he’s so quiet and shy, though how he thinks work will be any different is beyond me. Knowing him, he’ll change his mind again when the wind changes lol.

The wind has dropped here thankfully, the rain has abated a little, and it’s very mild. Hopefully the rain will ease off for everyone and the flood waters can eventually disperse. We’ve been so lucky and I’m very grateful for that.

Enjoy the rest of your week.