I recently heard a great song on the radio: Happy by Pharrell Williams, which is from the soundtrack Despicable Me. I don’t fancy the animated film, but I love this song. This is the YouTube link:


I’ve been either singing this every morning to myself, or playing the music video, to get me in a positive frame of mind. I love the video and there are quite a few different versions of it posted on the net. It’s upbeat, I love the dance sequences, and it just makes me feel good and happy of course.

Last night I took my son to an 18th Birthday party and I was not happy lol. I had planned to drive him there at dusk, and take a magazine or something, have a bar meal, and sit in the bar and wait for him. The pub has 3 bars so I wouldn’t have been ‘cramping his style’ and it could have been a nice evening out for me, albeit alone. He didn’t like that idea so he organised a lift with someone else. At 9pm he rang to ask me to pick him and a friend up. So, it’s after 9pm, very dark, pouring with rain, and I’m driving through unlit lanes that I’ve never driven through before to this damn pub. The lane twisted and turned, there were deep puddles and flood warnings and nowhere I could have turned around if I’d needed to. There were turnings that had no signposts on, and I was very stressed, and alone! Man my son’s name was mud! Lol. I did eventually find the pub and asked the bar person if there was a better way out of the lanes. She gave me some directions and the drive home was slightly longer, but so less stressful.

I dropped his friend off, and drove into our road, only to find some idiots had parked on both sides of the road, near each other, and that they’d effectively blocked the road. I had to reverse out of our road about 50 metres, and reverse on to the main road, drive around the block, and approach my house from the ‘wrong’ way which makes it difficult to get on to my drive. Parking in my street is becoming a real issue and I’m wondering how the milkman got his milk truck out of the street this morning.

It took both of us ages to get to sleep afterwards; him because he was a little hyped up from being out with friends and me because of being stressed. He didn’t drink, mainly because there is a hereditary defective kidney valve in the family history and he’s a little afraid to drink in case he’s very ill. My nephew has this condition and has been hospitalised so many times, and has had major surgery. My Grandfather had it too. There is a test he can have but he doesn’t want it and just doesn’t drink, but that’s no bad thing. The ‘Birthday boy’ obviously had been drinking and I very much doubt he’ll be in school today. Here in the UK, we can drink in pubs from aged 18 by the way.

After all the rain, we now have a sunny morning. Enjoy the rest of the week, I shall try and remain ‘Happy.’