I like Sunday morning’s. At this time (07:45) the dog is in the garden amusing himself and my son is still asleep. I’m sat here with my first coffee contemplating the day, and it’s not raining for a change.

When I was younger I hated Sunday. In fact I hated weekends. When my Father was actually home (military man) he would wake us 4 children up early and make us sit in the living room and be quiet. No talking. No TV. This was so that our Mother could sleep in. Years later we told her about this and she says she had no idea. It was torture; at least it was to 4 children! I also hated weekends because it meant I had to be at home with people who I was convinced were not actually my family; I was so unlike them all that I was convinced I must be adopted. This was merely backed up by the fact that despite having 4 of us, my Mother would take in foster children too! Of course we couldn’t complain because that would be selfish, and I longed for Monday when I could go to school and escape my family. I loved school, I loved learning, and I loved the escape and my friends. Things are different now of course and I get on pretty well with most of my family, and quietly tolerate those that I don’t.

When I was married Saturday’s were a drag. My husband would sleep in whilst I sat around waiting for him to wake up – I’ve always been an ‘early bird’ and probably always will be. We’d then go to town and spend what felt like hours sat in traffic, then wait for a car space, then we’d shop and have lunch in town. All the while we’d be pushed and shoved by the crowds that were doing much the same thing.

Now I’m single. If I’m going to town I get there by 9am at the latest. I use the Park and Ride so no traffic or exorbitant car park charges. Whilst I don’t really rush, I get what I need, have a nice coffee, and then make my escape before it gets too busy. Being single is not at all bad and I have my son, though my friend and I were laughingly sending him to university, marrying him off, and making me a Grandmother. What fun!

I worked yesterday (Saturday) and whilst I finished in good time to get the grocery shopping done, I didn’t do it. I didn’t want to so I didn’t. When my son eventually gets up we’ll have a bacon sandwich for breakfast, more coffee for me and at some point I’ll pop out for groceries. I’m feeling mellow. I earned some extra money yesterday, did a pile of ironing, cleaned the bathroom and generally it was a good day. Relatively speaking I earn less now than I ever did whilst working full time but we have a pretty calm life and don’t want for too much (except maybe a holiday). Things have been worse. Things have been so much worse.

I’ve given up the hard stuff since Christmas so that will save on the bills (not that I ever drank too much) but it’s not good for you and it’s calorific. Maybe the occasional glass of wine will pass my lips, but no more of the hard stuff. I’ve also cut down on the coffee, I’m trying to be a healthier me and a calmer me. Wish me luck! LOL