Well our 2 weeks off is almost over and we’ve enjoyed most of it. I say ‘most’ because my son and I have been quite poorly since Monday. I’m not sure if we’ve had flu or ‘just’ a very bad cold; one night I went to bed at 8.30pm and stayed there for 10 hours. I’ve had 4 layers on in the house, been clutching a hot water bottle, and still felt cold. There’s only one thing worse than being ill, and that’s being ill whilst on holiday from work! We were both ill most of last Christmas too, and I’m seriously considering having a flu vaccination next year even if I have to pay for it. I joke about germ ridden students, but seriously, I’ve never had so many colds etc since taking up this job. My friend ‘complained’ he hadn’t seen me much and that last year was the same so I met up with him Thursday and took him shopping but I didn’t have the energy to stay out more than a few hours. I’ve had to be ‘selfish’ and cancel our Saturday meet, and also the planned meal I was going to make for my sister on Sunday. Unlike some, I like to keep my germs to myself lol.

My ex phoned again to wish us a Happy New Year, and again complained about the heat. We’re languishing in driving rain, wind, and temperatures below 8C; I don’t want to hear any whining about the sun and heat thank you very much! On the same subject, I read on the net how Australia has had its hottest summer in over 100 years, especially in the Brisbane area, and that every year with one exception, the temperature there has been rising. It makes me wonder how long they’ll stick it for though I’m sure that once summer is over with and the temperature drops a bit they’ll probably enjoy it more.

We’ve again been very lucky with the storms though locally some roads have been closed and some homes evacuated as a precaution. We live up a very steep hill so we’re okay but getting out sometimes proves difficult as there are only 2 ‘escape’ routes from our house. Still, the freezer and cupboard are still full from our pre-Christmas shop as we’ve not eaten much due to being poorly.

My camera has seized up and I’m wondering what to do about it. These days very few people will repair these items and I’ve no idea how old it is. My phone is old and also playing up. Do I struggle on with my old phone that often doesn’t ring but will notify me that I’ve missed a call (very annoying!) and buy a camera, or do I buy a better phone and use the camera phone? I can’t afford a new phone and a new camera. Decisions decisions...

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.