One to go. Weeks that is; my 2 weeks break is half over with. Sigh... With the exception of the weather it’s been pretty good. We had our usual quiet Christmas, just stayed at home, and enjoyed a few presents and a nice meal. We don’t like turkey much, or Christmas cake/pudding so we had a nice piece of beef and a Panettone. I spoke to all my family, and over the break I’ve been visiting each of them which is always nice.

Christmas day we had a phone call from the ex and he had a chat with our son and then me. Initially they’d planned to settle in or near Brisbane but they’ve found it to be too hot. Then they decided to drive to Adelaide but are now thinking that may be too hot as well, so they’re now thinking of Hobart. They’ll set out for Hobart in the New Year and see how it goes. Honestly, they both used to laugh at me when I’d say that Australia is too hot for me, but now after being there 5 weeks, the differences between being on holiday, which they’ve done 2 or 3 times, and living there are becoming apparent. You’d have thought they would have done more research on how hot it can get. Maybe they’ll end up in New Zealand! We’d happily visit if they ended up there. You’ve got to laugh...

Back to the weather, and it’s been shocking! Locally we’ve been lucky with just a couple of roads that have been impassable unless you’re a bus or land rover or similar. It’s made for some interesting driving and that’s a fact. We’ve had high winds here and although I’ve managed to get out, I’ve not been staying out any longer than needed. I hope for everyone’s sake that this rain abates soon and that others can dry out their homes. It’s never a good time to get flooded, but this time of year must be even worse as it’s cold too and Christmas plans will have been ruined. As I said; we’ve been very lucky and I’m grateful for that much.

Take care if going out and about as more storms are due.

Have a Happy New Year.