It’s Friday again and it’s my last day for a fortnight, and what a week it’s been. Some days have been a little quiet but mostly it’s ticked over quite well. I’ve done some tidying up, sorted out some equipment, and chased some equipment that’s on loan. That’s the worst part of my job in some ways, asking people to return kit and having to escalate things when they don’t return the kit. I’m mostly nice to people, but keep my cameras and… lol

This week I went to a presentation on another site. Some of my colleagues actually laugh ‘at me’ because I attend these functions but I argue that it doesn’t hurt to be seen by management to show an interest, and I am actually interested in what’s going on with other departments and staff. The presentation was pretty interesting, and afterwards there was to be ‘refreshments.’ Much to my surprise, refreshments turned out to be a 2 course turkey lunch! Very nice indeed, and a happy time was spent chatting to other staff that I don’t see very often.

I also attended ‘drinks’ with our new owner this week and again a nice time was had chatting to staff and the new boss. I thought we might get a mince pie and a coffee, but again was pleasantly surprised that a very nice buffet had been laid on complete with bucks fizz. So, a good week in some ways.

All is quiet on the home front which isn’t a bad thing. We’ve had a few emails and pictures from my ex though mostly they’re very short. My son is finding it hard to reply sometimes as he doesn’t know what to say to him. I just told him to reply in his own time, or to just say thanks for the pictures. Not sure what else to say really.

The weather here has been pretty bad though thankfully not in a damaging way. We’ve had high winds and very heavy showers and the shed floor is littered with buckets. So much for the roof repair!

I’m sure I’ll be around, but if I don’t get around to you all, have a lovely Christmas.