This week I’ve been spending time with some different staff on another site, and what a joy the travelling was. It took me 90 minutes to go door to door to a site that’s merely 25 miles away. Between breakdowns (not mine except for a mental one!), traffic accidents, police, rush hour traffic, misdirection’s, car parking problems… I could go on. What a stress! The day itself wasn’t too bad though the people I was visiting only made me one cup of coffee the whole day. At lunchtime I escaped to a coffee bar for a well needed drink. Going home wasn’t as bad, though it still took almost an hour. I was glad to see the back of that day.

I’ve been to my ex’s house and picked up Henry the vacuum cleaner as he promised I could. Wow he sucks and I mean that in a good way. I’m impressed! He came with a sweet little cloth carrier bag of extensions so they’ll be useful. Speaking of the ex, they’re now in Brisbane and will stay there until after Christmas. He’s already complained that our son isn’t replying to his emails. Seriously, what did he expect? I’ve asked him to reply to his Dad, and I’ve only asked him once. That’s all I’m doing. The rest is for them to sort out themselves as I’m not getting in the middle of that.

My son’s school are a pain financially speaking. My son recently went on a school trip which cost me £30. Now they’re planning another one and they want £30 before Christmas. They’re not going until March! They’re also having a Christmas jumper day. They pay £1 and can wear a special jumper. My son doesn’t have any Christmas jumpers. They said he should buy one. When he pointed out the flaw in their logic – he could give that money to the charity instead – they called him a skinflint and a killjoy. This is the teachers! I’ve told him to pay his £1, wear what he likes, and tell them to eff off. He’s happy with that.

Work is okay though a certain person is harshing my mellow. This colleague has a bee in his bonnet about certain staff needing to spend time together, though the reason why escapes me. I’ve said I can’t afford the petrol to visit the other site again this month. I’ve looked at catching a train to save petrol costs and wear and tear on my car and nerves, and the fare is almost £9. That’s way too much for a single journey. It’s no wonder there are so many cars on the road when public transport is so dear.

I’m going to have some herbal tea and try and mellow out. Enjoy the rest of the week.