This week I have been mostly trying to keep calm. The dog has been very stressed by the fireworks, and one night he barked every single time he heard a bang, pop, or fizz. Perversely, once he’s gone to bed, and so have I, he doesn’t bark at them anymore. This led to me going up to bed more than once before 9pm just to get some peace and quiet! My friend gave me a bottle of Bach Recue Remedy and suggested I put some in his water to calm him down; the dog that is, not my friend ;) He used to give it to a previous dog and found it worked well. So far the dog has been on his ‘meds’ for 2 weeks but I’m not sure it’s having much effect. I’ve been on it for a week and so far… not sure. I’ve been fighting off a cold for weeks and finally succumbed so went home early on Friday and cuddled up with a hot water bottle. I’m feeling better this week which is just as well as it’s been pretty busy.

My forehead is looking great after the surgery, but still throbs if I bend down. I might go for a check-up soon just to make sure all is okay. How long does it take to get over a head wound? I have no idea…

Saturday I’m on my own to get some shopping which will make a nice change, and Sunday my son and I are going for coffee, cake, and goodbyes to the ex. They’ll be leaving the following Sunday.

I’m counting down to Christmas. Not that we celebrate it in a big way, however my son and I will have 2 weeks off and I’m so looking forward to that. Even if we’re snowed in and can’t go anywhere, the thought of 2 weeks off work is keeping me going. Enjoy the rest of your week; mine will be busy which helps the time fly by.