Since my last blog, I have been mostly biting my tongue. For those in foreign parts, in the UK it is now illegal to smoke inside a public building. In Wales (no idea about England) it is illegal to smoke in doorways or within a certain distance. In work we have signs that state this, we have set smoking areas complete with special bins and a rain shelter, yet people still smoke under the no smoking signs and block the entrance. I’ve given up pointing out the signs and asking them to move. Work is not enforcing the rules, so what’s the point? Some-one even had the gall to put a note on the door stating their rights as a smoker! People do have the right to smoke but they don’t have the right to block the doorway and smoke in no smoking areas. It’s a no-win situation.

I’ve been biting my tongue over my friend but had to say something last night. He texts me when he’s going out, he texts when on the way home, he texts when he’s home. He saw me Saturday and Sunday, we spoke last night for almost an hour, and he signed off by saying that he’d call Tuesday too. Oh hell no! I like him. I like that we talk. But some of us are out of the house for 9 hours and things need to be done after work. I can’t ‘afford’ to talk on the phone for an hour every night. Nor do I want to. I need some ‘me’ time too. I told him I’d call on Wednesday.

I’ve been biting my tongue over my ex. I picked my son up from the train station Sunday morning, and yet again he was almost an hour later than the agreed time. It’s the last time, so little point in saying anything but my ex does drive me crazy. He’s not leaving for 3 weeks, but is ‘too busy’ to see his son again except for a quick goodbye the week before he leaves. I just hope there won’t be tears. I’m finding the whole situation so stressful and I’ll be glad when he’s finally gone and we can get back to some sense of normal again, just the two of us.

My sister, the one who had the operation, was on the phone this morning. Her company won’t fire her; it’s against the law because she’s on sick leave. They won’t let her back to work because she’s a liability. This morning she found out they haven’t paid her for the last 2 weeks, and are not going to anymore. She can’t claim certain benefits because she’s still employed. But they’re not paying her. It’s a ridiculous situation! I gave her some numbers to call, and hopefully social services will get off their butt and do something. She’s worked like a dog most of her life, paid het taxes etc, and gets treated like this! It’s a disgraceful state of affairs.

I often hate this country and would leave it in a heartbeat if I had the money. Unlike some people though, I wouldn’t leave my son behind!

I’m off to have a coffee and calm down lol. Have good day/week.