One month today (24th) and the scurvy pirate that is my ex will have sailed away to new shores. My one sister was bemoaning the fact that she hasn’t been away on holiday for just over a year (boo fricking hoo) and now she’s sailed off to not so distant shores for a week. My colleague has also sailed off to distant shores with his family. I seem to be the only one who isn’t having some kind of adventure.

I did pick up a brochure for New Zealand, which I’ve fancied for a few years, but what a price! I toyed with it; I really did, though my son doesn’t want to commit to anything just yet. He has the option next year of sailing off and spending time with the scurvy pirate but he’s not keen on that either. He seems to think he’s going to leave school and walk right into a job. I don’t like to burst his bubble but he occasionally needs a dose of reality. I’d love him to get a job after school, but the reality may be a little different. Time will tell…

I’ve not been on this site much recently because basically I’ve been in quite a bad mood. Work is quite toxic at the moment and isn’t a nice place to be some days. We seem to have a particularly unpleasant cohort here at the moment and most of us are just trying to get on with it. I’ve been letting it get to me, not sleeping well again, and the net result is a tired and cranky person. I had my BP taken recently and it’s on the high side of normal, which is high for me; it’s usually low. It’s good though, it means I’m stressing too much and now that I know I’m doing it, I can make a conscious effort to calm down and not get so stressed.

My forehead is looking great; it looks like I’ve banged it and made it a bit red. It’s a vast improvement on what it was like a few weeks ago so I’m happy, but man it itches some days! I’m slathering on the moisturiser as it feels quite tight but it’s improving and that’s the main thing.

Finally; thank goodness it’s Friday tomorrow!