Four weeks ago today I had my minor surgery. Between then and today, I’ve had about 10 appointments for a dressing change with either the surgeon, a doctor, or a nurse. I’m coming to the point, though if you’re squeamish you may want to look away. Last night a ‘bit’ on the edge of the wound was bothering me and I assumed it was a small scab though it wouldn’t come off. This morning I sterilised a pair of tweezers and tried to pull the ‘scab’ off, only for it to hurt like the devil. Bear in mind, I can’t see this properly because it’s in the centre of my forehead. I pulled it gently, and thought; this is plastic! I could wait to see a nurse, but it was bothering me now and I’d have to wait days to see a nurse so I sterilised a small pair of scissors, snipped what looked like a stitch, and pulled it out carefully – it was over an inch long! It must have been one of the purse string sutures that the surgeon had mistakenly left in. How the hell can they have missed it when I’ve had 10 check-ups?
This week was my Birthday, not telling you when or how old lol. I had the day off work, and my friend took me out for a pub lunch. It was lovely; two courses followed by coffee. I took him home and he surprised me with a huge bunch of flowers. Totally unexpected though very gladly received. I’ve still got the flowers from work last week so had to hunt out the vases. I now have three vases of flowers in the house. Beautiful, and what a lovely smell they impart to the room. I had a nice bottle of merlot from my Mum. My ex and his wife bought me a bottle of champagne, and my son bought me a little dolphin carved from a very pretty stone. I now have a little school of small carved dolphins and I love them. My one sister had joked that she was going to send me a cheque for a million pounds but that I’d have a job cashing it. I opened her card on my Birthday and she’d forgotten the cheque! Oh well, I’m rich in ways that can’t be measured in terms of money.
I had the best night’s sleep last night that I’ve had in weeks; seven and a half hours of bliss and lovely dreams though I had a laugh when I woke up; I was dancing as though I was in a musical – can’t do that in real life but it was a fun dream. It doesn’t take much to make me happy.
Have a great weekend.
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