Yesterday (Monday) I had what turned out to be my final hospital check-up. After being kept waiting almost an hour past my appointment time, I was mighty glad of the news. The wound is vastly improved on, compared to last week, and I no longer have to have a dressing on it. I have a few more days of antibiotics, and I have some special cream for the wound so that it doesn’t dry out too quickly or scab too much TMI? Lol. So, I have no more hospital, GP, or nurse appointments. Yay!

On the way home, I happened to meet up with a neighbour who’s visually impaired. He’d obviously been out shopping and his escort had taken him to the bus stop. Once she saw that I knew him, she handed him over to me. He used his bus pass, and as his (now) escort, I didn’t have to pay bus fare. Saved a little money and I had someone to talk to on the way home :) It was a long afternoon, and as the bus was passing work, it was almost 5pm so I stayed on the bus and just went home. Last night was the first time in three and a half weeks that I haven’t had a padded dressing on the wound and I didn’t sleep well; I was so afraid that I’d scratch the wound or rub it, that I woke up every two hours. Man I’m tired today!

It didn’t help that my son had woken me at 2am on Monday morning. My ex has now told us when he’s emigrating; one month before Christmas, and our son was up and being sick. I’m not sure if it was stress or something he ate. On one level I won’t miss my ex, though I will miss that he is a back-up if I have any problems with our son. He says he’ll still be available, though what use will he be so far away and with the time difference too? Obviously my main concern is how much it may affect our son; I just hope that he’ll settle quickly and won’t take the move too hard; he has school to think about and his final exams next year. Talk about crappy timing!

Finally, I had someone add me as a contact. I’ve never communicated with this person on ipernity, nor does it look as if they’ve visited my page. How weird is that?